The Rock Climbing Revolt

Trying to keep warm and dry near the "Rock climbing Site".

Brian            Dennis         Jack        Keron (standing)    Len (standing)    Bill     Bob
Davidson     Smart      Hayward     Boxhill                 Howlett               Cran   Gale


One mans account of the day associated with the above Photo:

This was the place where we were supposed to do rock climbing,
which was not far from base camp, but the weather was too crap.

The instructor then decreed that we should climb over the "Arran?" instead
and met our team leaders protests, with threats of violence. (changed  days!!)

So, we sat and argued after he had disappeared, some wanted to do the climb,
others just wanted to walk back to camp. Bear in mind that in the days previous,
we had completed the D of E challenge and were well tired out. A small group
did the climb in appalling fog/rain conditions, while the rest of us slunk back
to camp, to be greeted by the worlds biggest bollocking, not for not doing
the walk but for breaking up the team.


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