John Heywood's pictures


Barry (Baz) MIlls, Bob Gale and Paul Arnold

Paul Arnold


Barry Mills

A group of the entry outside Fulton Block

names so far:

far left: Willie Cran, 5th in Gordon Mcgill, then Steve Ellis, then standing: Brian Gourlay,
lying down is Bobbie Dean, Standing on the right is Bob (popeye) Young

Anymore names please?

Left Kneeling: Charlie Dick
Lying nearest the camera: Steve Ellis
Next to him is Bob Gale
Head to head is Dennis Smart and Rick Callahan
Right side Kneeling: Brian Gourlay
on ground in shirt: David Grant
Standing with blanket: Willie cran
Left from David Grant: Geoff Dobson
Keith Bushell is strangling Vince Kieran
Len Howlett standing with hands in pockets

Above and Below:
Chris Vaughan on billet punishment after upsetting a room mate

Room 24 Fulton Block

In Wales October 1966

In Wales October 1966

At the campsite in Wales October 1966

Left: Geoff Dobson or Dave Hood?, Middle: Gordon McGill, + Chris White?
is the person on the far right a "Photog"?

In Wales October 1966

Dave Hood in the lead, Dennis Smart behind, who is the other face?

In Wales October 1966

Chris White - sitting left
Dave Hood standing
Alan Tulk sitting with Beret on
Steve Millgate behind him
Dennis Smart on the right

In Wales October 1966

Len Howlett left
Gordon McGill next to him
then Steve Millgate?
Chris White far right?
Dave Hood 2nd from right
One of the Whites on the far right?

Names please?

In Wales October 1966

Is this you? - name please

One suggestion - Could this be Barry Mills?

In Wales October 1966

Names Please?

Gordon McGill in the lead
Len Howlett behind Gordon
Dave Hood 2 behind Gordon
Chris White 3rd from left?

In Wales October 1966

Names Please?

Left Dave Hood
Gordon McGill and Len Howlett in the middle in Bobble hats
One from right: Cy Yardley
Far right: One of the "Whites"?

October 1966

Len Howlett in front. with Dennis Smart in the tent

The camp site in Wales October 1966

At the campsite October 1966

Missing Names Please?

Left: Len Howlett, Right: Dennis Smart

John Heywood in July 1975
John was the Official photographer on a civilian ornithological expedition to
the Shetlands, whilst still serving in the RAF


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